Making the most of every opportunity

During my time at The Juice Academy, we’ve heard from a few guest speakers, but the most inspirational one for me was David Parr, mainly because I could relate to his story.

He started out as a Royal Marine but was released due to an injury, which meant he could no longer carry the weight on his back. This caused a drastic career change for him.

I have played basketball since I was nine, and I was playing for Manchester when I dislocated my knee and ended up having to have my knee reconstructed, meaning I could no longer play the sport I loved.

Obviously this devastated me, but I decided to keep an open mind when it came to what my career might turn out to be. I applied to The Juice Academy as it allowed me to do what I normally do every day while studying for a qualification and making me job-ready by the end.

This is my second apprenticeship – first the worst, second the best – and I’m really enjoying it. I look forward to going to work every day and learning new things, plus our training at the Academy allows us to hear from inspirational speakers like David.