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5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Amazing

Having a personal blog as well as blogging for clients at work may seem like a hefty task, but for someone like me who enjoys writing, it’s the perfect way to keep my skills on top form. Here are a few reasons why I think having my own blog is great;

1. Meeting Like-Minded People

Blogging has introduced me to a whole range of incredible people. The group of bloggers I belong to is incredibly diverse and it means I get the chance to talk to talented and driven people on a regular basis. I’m now friends with people who have published cookbooks, lifestyle bloggers and even an anonymous blogger who keeps us all updated on her love life!

2. Exploring Passions

I started blogging by writing about everything. Yes, everything. Offbeat Emily is my first blog which is still going strong today as a lifestyle blog. There, I get to write about my life, beauty, fashion, interior design and anything else that takes my fancy and it has let me research things that really interest me and share my findings with others. 4.3.5 is a little more recent and has allowed me to delve further into the world of music by talking to up and coming bands as well as working with established musicians like Imagine Dragons.

3. Being an Influencer

Often well-connected, regarded as persuasive and in-the-know - these people are looked to for advice, direction, knowledge and opinions. Contacting influencers is on my to-do list every day at work. But when I’m back at home, I get to be the one of the influential people that are so important to every industry. It is often said that journalism is being taken over by blogging, and in some respects, I completely agree. Young people are listening to bloggers more than newspapers and news channels. Not only do we talk about the news, we sometimes even create the news! Being an influencer is great, and sharing my opinion with other people is what I always wanted out of a career, but now I get to indulge during my downtime too.

4. Sharing Experiences

There are many bloggers out there who write about everything they do. From days out, to pregnancy and battling illnesses, to finding a new outfit - bloggers share everything and this allows other people to relate and create firm bonds. Knowing there are similar people to you somewhere out there is incredible and it has allowed me to feel more at ease with who I am and the styles I like, I even get complimented on my sometimes crazy fashion choices!

5. Working with Established Brands

It’s not all about the money and free things, which is a misconception that people have about bloggers like me. Creating bonds with huge brands can be very helpful for a blog as they are more likely to share your posts on social media and build up your following. I have worked with brands such as Lypsyl, Label M and Blanx to name a few, and speaking to their PR reps has built up my confidence about my writing skills and has made me realise that this is what I want to be doing, both on the receiving end as a blogger and as a provider in the world of digital marketing and PR.

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