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Changes in DJ Promotion with the Use of Social Media - with the help from Label Owner and DJ, Ben Pe

Eight years ago, I was sat on Limewire downloading the latest mixes from my favourite DJs of the time; Chase & Status, Rusko and Shy FX. Who would have thought years later that I’d be able listen to all of their tracks by simply streaming them from my iPhone or my Mac? I can connect with them, follow them and generally keep tabs on whatever they’re doing at the touch of my fingertips.

The current boom of social media in 2015 has escalated rapidly. Streaming tracks is now over half of the digital revenue Universal Music Group receives and the sale of CDs is dwindling before our eyes. No longer do you have to buy your favourite mixes, or kill your computer with bugs from illegal downloads. Everything is at your disposal.

All this is thanks to how the internet has evolved. Take this as an example: I wanted to do a blog all about how social media is essential for the DJ of today. I dropped a message to Ben Pearce, one of my favourite DJs when I was at University. He’s in Australia: I’m in the UK and within an hour I had answers and opinions from the man himself. Without social media this would never have happened. Working within the dance music scene you start to understand the importance of all social channels for a DJ. No longer is it just how good their mix is on the night, it’s about reliving that mix over and over again. It’s about interacting with their fans; promoting themselves as a brand not just a DJ. Social media is one of the most important tools in the society we live in today. We, as a community, are obsessed with being the first to hear or see the news our idols are posting as well as creating a platform for ourselves.

Ben explained “It's becoming more and more essential each month. It's the instant way to connect with your fans, it used to be either having to go to record signings or meet them after shows but now you can have conversations, jokes and updates immediately around the world. Targeted posts can reach fans specifically in an area where you may be playing soon or where your music is going well. It's a way to be consistently active and on people's minds. It's also a way to show your personality and build your brand around that as well as everything else.” Unlike before DJs are constantly interacting with their fans, potential managers, promoters and their friends and other DJs alike.

But it’s not all business. DJs are able to show their personality, like Ben enjoying his funny Drake videos, and planning a Booze Advent Calendar with Evermix. Another DJ I particularly love is Seth Troxler. He never fails to make me laugh and it makes you want to see them play more. He makes you more inclined to take that trip down to London to see him or even plan a trip when he’s next in Ibiza. Social channels have this effect on you, if used correctly a DJ can be as successful as they choose, providing they are using it in the correct way. I’ll leave you with a quote from Ben. ‘Social media is a transparent news platform, you can get access to information that may not be transmitted on the news or anywhere else’.

Social media is power. It’s something DJs are right at the forefront of. Can you see the potential?

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