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Life of an apprentice at Manchester Airport

My first two months of being an apprentice hasn't been as overwhelming as it first seemed. I've learnt a lot. Ranging from how to use marketing skills acquired from The Juice Academy, to knowing most of the 'ins and outs' of the airport, I've gained an insight into the career path I've chosen and I can't wait for more things to come!

My job as a Social Media Apprentice at Manchester Airport involves marketing all the things the airport gets involved in, such as new flight destinations or when the airport is involved in community events such as this month's World Curry Festival held in Bradford.

Along with this, my job entails working with passengers to ensure that they have a relaxing journey through our three terminals and that we are here for any enquires in and around the airport.

Although not a 'red' supporter, a good memory of mine has to be nearly walking into the Manchester United squad as they were passing through the terminal. I've also been able to capture the moment some of the Olympic Cycling squad returned home.

But my favourite experience of them all, so far, has to be the runway inspection- getting to set foot on the runway and driving past an A380 at touching distance!

Being an apprentice is great, yes it's full time, but it's the greatest opportunity I have taken and has given me a career in something I have wanted to involve in for a while. If you fancy a job in Social Media, or don't know what to do after school or college, then I would highly recommend applying for The Juice Academy and see how you could benefit from a career in Social Media.

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