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Welcome Cohort 23!

We recently held our first Boot Camp of 2019! The January Boot Camp was a great way to start 2019, 46 candidates impressed companies such as Pretty Little Thing, Tangerine, Greater Manchester Police, Democracy PR and UTC Events (just to name a few) bagging themselves an opportunity to begin an exciting career in digital marketing. After a day of interactive activities, speed dating style interviews and tough decisions, The Juice Academy is delighted to welcome our 23rd Cohort! Meet our new apprentices below.

Megan Fitzpatrick - The Sportsman

Describe yourself with an emoji...

🤪 - most definitely! I'm really crazy and full of energy. I'm always coming up with crazy ideas at work for example ways to increase cash flow (games ideas), ways to create more engaging content, ways to grab a customers attention.

Matilda Godson - Whitehouse Event Crockery

Describe yourself in a tweet...

Just a fashionable girl with a passion for the past, whilst trying to look to the future. Ready to make connections, happy to put in the grind, prepared for whatever life may throw at me.

Chloe Hunt - Democracy PR

Describe yourself with an emoji...

🙌🏻 I must use this 200 times a day in conversations/ responses. I'm a person that loves bringing people up, I have no room in my heart for judgement or hate in any way. This emoji is upbeat, praising and also a little over the top, just like me. The emoji is only ever used in positive settings and I always try to bring the positivity into any room/ situation.

Skye Banks - Democracy PR

Describe yourself in a tweet...

I am a creative and enthusiastic individual. I thrive off challenges and love to come up with their solutions. I have experience in many softwares including Photoshop and would love to develop my skills further. Everything I do includes a smile and I love to share that with others around me.

Bethany Armstead - Democracy PR

Describe yourself with an emoji...

😇 The angel emoji simply reflects aspects of my personality- kind, caring, friendly, soft-hearted and gentle.

Jordan Harrison - Greater Manchester Police

Describe yourself in a tweet...

I am a person who hides a million feelings behind the biggest, happiest smile because if you keep smiling one day life will get tired of upsetting you. So I put a smile on my face in the morning look at the day ahead and get ready to show it what I am made of.

Lucy Peet - PerfectFit Media

Describe yourself with an emoji...

🎉 I'm always bursting with fun and exciting thoughts and ideas.

Amber Pullen - Assif

Describe yourself in a tweet...

A happy go lucky character, but also a strong sassy gal, that is not a walkover.

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