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How Do I Start a Business

How? Well, first, you can get a custom website up and running for less than £100. There are dozens of websites that offer pre-made templates for you to use, and all you have to do is fill in the blanks with your information. It's so simple!

How Do I Make My Website Look More Professional

if you want a logo or an image that looks more professional than what comes with those templates? You can find one on Fiverr or 99designs for just a few quid.

You can also use YouTube videos to help with any problems you have or issues you don't know how to fix. And if you're worried about marketing, don't be—social media ads like Facebook and Twitter ads are fully customisable and easy for a beginner to learn. Plus, there are online resources teaching you how to implement SEO techniques and how to effectively rank your website. And as for selling physical products? You don't need to anymore! Now you can focus on affiliate links or subscription services where no product is needed!

It really is easier than ever to start your own business. As ecommerce has grown more popular, there are countless places where you can purchase products to sell. There are also resources online that can teach you everything you need to know, like this blog!

Talking about this blog , it’s a real struggle to keep your site updated with constant new posts , this is needed as it keeps your site fresh for viewers but also gives google more content to serve to people and hopefully your blog or article is served and you get a click through , but is there an easier way rather than just manually writing blogs constantly ( one way could be to get students or apprentices to do them for you) however there is another way .

How do I write blogs more quickly?

The answer to that question is AI, in fact the whole blog you have just read about how easy it is to start a business was written completely by AI , the only input by me was a main title and around a 100 word description of what exactly I want the article to be about , this just shows you don’t have to pay big bucks for lots of new organic articles , instead you can use ai to create a title or topic or even write the whole article for you , I have checked every article ai has written for me through a plagiarism checker and all of them come back as not new content that hasn’t been copied , and the best thing is most of the ai copy writing websites I have found are all free! Good luck with starting your own website or business and remember work smarter not harder.

Hugo Perry, Cohort 35, SEO apprentice at Checkd Media


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