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Welcome Cohort 29

It has been a busy few months of recruiting candidates to fill Cohort’s 28 and Remote 1, we are now delighted to welcome Cohort 29 to The Juice Academy. As with the past 2 cohorts, Cohort 29 went through a tough process of digital applications and assessments which included submitting a video CV. With a high number of applicants, the competition was definitely up there! We wish a massive congratulations to the successful applicants of Cohort 29. Meet them below!

Joseph Corton

What emoji best describes you?

The emoji I think best describes me is the bicep, not because it is a reflection of my physical abilities (I'm not much of gym goer) but because it reflects my hard-working attitude. Throughout my life I have always given my best and try my hardest to get a task done and I enjoy having something good to show for my efforts.

Kris Livesy

Describe yourself in a Tweet

‘A driven optimist, passionate football fanatic and most importantly a proud Mancunian’

Katie Conway

What emoji best describes you?

The emoji that best describes me is the smiley face with love hearts surrounding it. I’m friendly, caring, passionate and loving. Always be kind. Care to others, being a powerful team can lead to amazing things.

Passionate – I show a lot of passion for the work I do, I’m also passionate about helping others to succeed.

Loving – I’m a very affectionate person, I like to show others love and make them happy.

Zainab Mahmud

Describe yourself in a Tweet

'Maturity is not measured by age, it is an attitude built by experience.' - unknown

Joshua Lines

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Advocate for tech, privacy, and all things equal. XP grinder in and out of game.

Joshua Devenport

What emoji best describes you?

I think that the laughing face emoji best represents my personality because I try to see the funny side in everything, have a good time and make others laugh. My sense of humour is at the centre of my personality and I think it allows me to be easy going and approachable.

Amy Fryer

The emoji that best describes my personality is the smiling emoji with > < eyes and showing of teeth. Although this is a simple and plain emoji, I feel it definitely reflects my personality. I am an optimistic person when it comes to completing tasks and setting myself realistic goals. The definition of this emoji is 'often conveys excitement or hearty laughter.' I am always excited to be part of a new task and the handling of a new responsibility. I am also (almost) always smiling!

Ama Mainoo

I think the emoji that best describes me is the yellow face with a big grin and its tongue hanging out, with wide eyes, one bigger than the other in a goofy expression. I'd say this best describes me as I am definitely bubbly and outgoing, and I love to make jokes and socialise with others. I always make sure I stay true to myself and I personally think that's what this emoji is giving off.

Connor Barrowcliffe

Describe yourself in a Tweet

♯sociable ♯charismatic ♯bright 16 year old lad who enjoys life, loves his family and friends and really wants a career in digital marketing.

Cohort 29 have all started the course remotely on Zoom and have never met each other face-to-face, but we are looking forward to when we can all properly meet in the academy.


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