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Welcome Cohort 32

It has been a busy few months sifting through many talented applications to find our next cohort of bright apprentices. After a tough and competitive application process, 18 lucky candidates landed a job with one of our amazing employers, we would now like to welcome and introduce you to, Cohort 32.

Meet them below!

Louise Hannah Riding

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Somewhat social butterfly with a dedication to the manifestation of a happy life 🦋☀️ constantly seeking out different creative outlets with the hope of having a positive impact on others!

Anna Palt

What emoji would you be and why?

‘The dancing lady emoji 💃 I see myself as always being in a positive mood, I'm always energetic and love getting to know new people.’

Lauren Mycock

Describe yourself in a Tweet

‘I’m a highly creative person and have been since I was young, I love to draw paint and create objects and views on subjects. I work hard for the goals I have in life and am always up for a challenge. I work well in a team and/or independently, I’m not afraid to ask for help when needed.’

Charlie Woodley

What emoji would you be and why?

I think I would describe myself as this emoji: 🤷

As I am constantly asking questions and wanting to find out more

Allana Brown

Describe yourself in a Tweet

I am a kind, hard working person who is keen to learn new skills and progress in a work place I enjoy.

Fin Bailie

What emoji would you be and why?

I would say the Emoji that describes me the best is the face with the smile and stars for eyes 🤩 because I love to see things in a positive way and my family would say I am impressed by the simplest things. I think though, if you can find amazement in the simplest things. why wouldn't you?

Annah Kelly

Describe yourself in a Tweet

I am a strong creative individual, with a passion for all things design. With a degree in graphic design, I have moved my career forward in digital marketing. I also enjoy expressing myself through my fashion choices and tattoos. I also have a big love for dogs.

Morgan Cain – Cairns

What emoji would you be and why?

The crystal ball emoji 🔮 Bit of sparkle, a burst of colour. I also enjoy how it symbolises looking into the future and a sense of optimism. I love all things unknown and unpredictable too; it adds to the excitement of life!

Niamh Pugh

Describe yourself in a Tweet

If you need recommendations for good nachos, I'm the right woman for the job.

If you need a driven, enthusiastic and confident new apprentice? Again, I'm the right woman for the job!

Graziela Di Folco-Clement

What emoji would you be and why?

The emoji wearing a mask 😷 not just because this is how I now look all the time but because my digital marketing skills are just so intoxicating you need masks to not be too overwhelmed by me.

Eddison Emam

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Current #Beauty #Queen who represents United Kingdom at International beauty pageant is an honourable advocate for young girls across the country, raising awareness for #body-positivity and #women #empowerment as well as being a full time dedicated and focused student.

Jake Kelly

🤪: I feel this emoji best describes me as it best shows my energy which is happy, funny, silly and a bit of a wind-up. I love humour in every form and often find myself indulging in unfunny funny content. I am a good person to be around when you’re feeling down or tired.

Olivia Kidd

Describe yourself in a Tweet

The world: Falls apart via a deadly pandemic.

Me: *shrugs* 'Might as well embrace it'

*Writes two novels, improves mental health, learns how to run 10k, starts lifting weights. Improves.*

Natalie Holden

What emoji would you be and why?

Surf emoji 🏄‍♀️ a person on a surfboard riding the waves. I follow wherever the tide takes me, I'm hardworking, constantly looking for big opportunities so I can improve myself and my skill set.

Iman Sheperia

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Let's tell you about Iman (3rd person because I detest talking about myself). She thinks she's funnier than she is, she's allergic to dust and intolerant to lactose. She loves romantic fiction and her favourite tv show at the moment is 'Feel Good' by Mae Martin. And now she's out of characters.

Emilia Drag

What emoji would you be and why?

One of my most used emoji's is the sideways smile with the cowboy hat on because it gives me fun but calm and mysterious vibe, which describes me quite well. I could also say the emoji of the person doing yoga, I have gotten into meditation over the last few years and I feel it's made me much calmer and more level headed as a person, especially when stressful situations come about. I had to think about this question for a few minutes and even asked my partner, who said "the frog one, because you're a frog". (I am not a frog).

Lilly Mccann

Describe yourself in a Tweet

I’m driven and focused on my goals, currently studying marketing, photography and social media which is applying to all aspects of my life. Making the most of every day and loving it! #LIFEGOALS

Ebony Feasey

What emoji would you be and why?

The emoji that best describes my personality is the crazy eyes 🤪. This is because I'm energetic, bubbly, and often silly. I like to have a laugh and have fun, which reflects in my writing (unless it is on a serious topic). I am also the thinking emoji when it's time to be serious. I like to think over what I do and research properly before creating something and I take my work seriously whilst working hard.


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