Welcome Cohort 32

It has been a busy few months sifting through many talented applications to find our next cohort of bright apprentices. After a tough and competitive application process, 18 lucky candidates landed a job with one of our amazing employers, we would now like to welcome and introduce you to, Cohort 32.

Meet them below!

Louise Hannah Riding


Describe yourself in a Tweet

Somewhat social butterfly with a dedication to the manifestation of a happy life 🦋☀️ constantly seeking out different creative outlets with the hope of having a positive impact on others!

Anna Palt

Manchester Gin

What emoji would you be and why?

‘The dancing lady emoji 💃 I see myself as always being in a positive mood, I'm always energetic and love getting to know new people.’

Lauren Mycock

Perfect Associates Ltd

Describe yourself in a Tweet

‘I’m a highly creative person and have been since I was young, I love to draw paint and create objects and views on subjects. I work hard for the goals I have in life and am always up for a challenge. I work well in a team and/or independently, I’m not afraid to ask for help when needed.’

Charlie Woodley


What emoji would you be and why?

I think I would describe myself as this emoji: 🤷

As I am constantly asking questions and wanting to find out more

Allana Brown

MattB Customs

Describe yourself in a Tweet

I am a kind, hard working person who is keen to learn new skills and progress in a work place I enjoy.

Fin Bailie

Intu Boxing

What emoji would you be and why?

I would say the Emoji that describes me the best is the face with the smile and stars for eyes 🤩 because I love to see things in a positive way and my family would say I am impressed by the simplest things. I think though, if you can find amazement in the simplest things. why wouldn't you?

Annah Kelly

Brand Machine Group

Describe yourself in a Tweet

I am a strong creative individual, with a passion for all things design. With a degree in graphic design, I have moved my career forward in digital marketing. I also enjoy expressing myself through my fashion choices and tattoos. I also have a big love for dogs.

Morgan Cain – Cairns

Lightbulb Media

What emoji would you be and why?

The crystal ball emoji 🔮 Bit of sparkle, a burst of colour. I also enjoy how it symbolises looking into the future and a sense of optimism. I love all things unknown and unpredictable too; it adds to the excitement of life!

Niamh Pugh


Describe yourself in a Tweet

If you need recommendations for good nachos, I'm the right woman for the job.

If you need a driven, enthusiastic and confident new apprentice? Again, I'm the right woman for the job!

Graziela Di Folco-Clement