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Welcome Cohort 39

Our 39th Cohort has been created and they are already settling in to their workplaces and doing a fantastic job in their first few Academy sessions.

These wonderful apprentices went through a tough recruitment process of applications, assessments and interviews so a massive congratulations for getting on the course, we can't wait to see the amazing content creators you become!

Without further ado, introducing to you... Cohort 39!

Saskia Robinson

Describe yourself in a tweet

"I am a creative, confident girl who whilst loving her phone and social media, balances it very well with human contact and the outdoors. Going to concerts and Manchester City matches are my favourite things to do in my spare time!"

Tia Wilkinson

What emoji best describes you and why?

A traffic light emoji 🚦 I know when to stop and rest (red), I know how to think and be creative (amber) and I know how to use my energy and be active in a fast-paced environment (green).

Ruby Rainey

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"Just spent my whole wage on new shoes, retail therapy at its finest."

Harry Matthews

What emoji best describes you and why?

😀 It has to be the big grinning smiley face emoji as I'm feeling super positive about the future and always looking forward to new things.

Saariyah Malik

Describe yourself in a Tweet



I LOVE BEING Crazily Creative, loving and ambitious. DON'T FORGET to let positivity reign and let ideas be brought to life!

Nothing is impossible you just have to be willing to try!


#passionate#friendly#positive#enthusiast #intellect #nurturing'wordsofwisdom#ambitious

Ryan Flaherty

What emoji best describes you and why?

♐ My star sign, Sagittarius. The symbol is an arrow; it aims for a target and is constantly focused on moving towards its goal - much like myself in life. I'm a determined aspirational individual. Once I figure out what I want, I do whatever it takes to achieve it.

For example, after finishing my a-levels, I took a further two years in college, completing a BTEC course whilst all my friends went off to start their university lives. This BTEC qualification enabled me to gain access to my desired university with entry requirements that I didn't possess at the time of finishing Sixth form. And now, with this digital content marketing apprenticeship, I'd be taking a pay cut by leaving my current role to pursue this - a decision I'm happy to make as I keep my ultimate digital marketing career goal in mind and focus on heading towards that target.

Jack Comerford

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"Sports mad and looking for a new career that I'm passionate about. Hardworking, self motivated and a drive to make a difference in my work."

Joseph Morrison

What emoji best describes you and why?

🤣 Probably the rolling on the floor laughing face emoji. I like to think that I laugh at most things in life, rather than being negative, and that I try to make people laugh - even if it is by being mockingly grumpy!

Ruby Roebuck

Currently looking for a new employer to complete her apprenticeship with.

Describe yourself in a Tweet





Being versatile, artistic and a huge gym lover makes me a great allrounder looking for my next challenge!

Charlie Rennie

What emoji best describes you and why?

🕺 I'd probably say the Dancing man emoji because I am an energetic, positive person who enjoys life. And I'm also dangerous on the dancefloor :)

Cydney Cryne

Describe yourself in a Tweet

I look for the positives in every situation and I am always looking for self improvement and constructive criticism to aid my learning.

Victoria Lawrence

What emoji best describes you and why?

🤡 As different as it is, I would describe myself as the clown emoji. From a young age I was always made out to be a joke; whether it was my interests or my appearance. It knocked me down for so long, this constant ridicule of not fitting in and being seen as the joke. But when I started to flourish, after moving to the UK and Manchester specifically, I overruled that. I instead turned myself into the clown; in an effort to be stronger - This was exactly the outcome. By turning myself into a goth clown, I managed to turn this negative energy, used against me for so long, into a positive personality trait, where I can make my friends and myself laugh. I stopped allowing stupid negative quips to tear me down and instead, it allowed me build my own brand of myself.

The clown emoji, is one I regularly use. For those who know me and my story, this is a sort of electronic signature; but for those who don't, it sparks a sense of curiosity of why the clown?

Izaak Gray

What emoji best describes you and why?

🤔 If I had to choose an emoji to represent my personality, it would be the thinking face. I believe in taking a thoughtful and analytical approach to problem-solving and decision-making. I like to consider all angles and possibilities before arriving at a conclusion. I also value curiosity and a willingness to question assumptions, which are qualities embodied by the thinking face emoji.

Molly Barton

Describe yourself in a Tweet

An aspiring creative in Manchester, looking to kickstart my career in an ever growing sector; keen to adapt my skills in a rewarding career.

Huzaifa Patel

What emoji best describes you and why?

🧊 The ice cube emoji would describe be well as I’m a naturally calm and collected person and this overall translates a persona where I stay in a median of not doing too much and not too little. Just like ice, I gradually melt down into the best environments where I can suit myself and others best.

Peta Barker

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"Currently an enthusiastic, eager to be hardworking content creator, who is hopeful for the future. I’m feeling ambitious and determined to put my resourceful problem solving skills to good use."

Edward Fletcher

What emoji best describes you and why?

🤑 The emoji that best describes me is the person with money signs as eyes because I'm a million dollars to look at and bring money to whatever I'm part of. Also my social media work is priceless.

Jack Bellamy

Describe yourself in a Tweet

"Creative, hardworking, giant mentality and pure passion for the field of Media."

Cohort 39 have settled into their workplaces and we are already really impressed with their work in the Academy. We can't wait to see you all progress throughout your apprenticeship journey.


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