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Welcome Cohort R1

It has been a particularly busy time over the past couple of months, not long after welcoming Cohort 28 to The Juice Academy, we are now introducing you to Cohort R1. This is the first remote cohort that will stay remote after COVID restrictions, meaning we’ve been able to work with employers and apprentices from Liverpool, Newcastle, and London! Alike the previous cohort, R1 didn’t attend our usual Bootcamp selection day but instead went through a rigorous process of digital applications and assessments including a video CV. With a record-high number of applicants, the competition was very high to gain a spot on The Juice Academy programme. So, a very well done to the successful applicants of Cohort R1.

We would like you to meet our new apprentices!

Rebecca Sartini

What emoji best describes you?

‘The emoji that bests describes my personality is the yellow circle. It may seem simple but it has a lot of potential which I feel best represents me. The colour yellow represents my striving personality to succeed and achieve my best potential in life; I never give up. Yellow also represents a positive and friendly attitude that also identifies with myself which is the attitude I stick by especially in the workplace as it builds a confident environment for the team. Yellow symbolises growth, creativity, and an intellectual energy which I take towards my work. The circle symbolises infinity which represents my thrive to continue to do what I love to the best of my abilities as the circle is a sign of perfection.’

Luke Pepper

Describe yourself in a Tweet

I am an avid movie watcher and game player from Manchester England, self-confessed nerd and a computer geek. But it’s fun to be that way. "you are not your job, you're not how much money you have in the bank."

Theo Fapohunda

What emoji best describes you?

Maybe the dude with the tongue out to the side.

1. because he looks hungry, and I am. Always.

2. because he looks well-meaning but probably said something, he shouldn't have

Ellie Wallace

Describe yourself in a Tweet

At work, I spend time getting creative and developing new campaign ideas to promote everything on offer, from pizza puns to lockdown jazz jams. She has a little girl called Ava!

Katie White

What emoji best describes you?

The emoji that best describes would be the sloth emoji, because even though my mum sees me as a lazy teen, I also have a lot of great skills to offer, much like sloths. They are great swimmers and provide a whole ecosystem in their fur - not that I'm furry or anything!

Sana Gubari

Describe yourself in a Tweet

I'm a 20-year-old, British Yemini, who has a passion for design and all things creative. I'm a people person and love chatting to anyone and everyone. I love a good challenge and love anything that gets my creative juices flowing. 

Sofia Verala

What emoji best describes you?

The smiley face with two stars over the eyes. It's also probably my most used emoji. It reflects my personality in the sense that I'm very easily impressed and in awe of the things that people tell and show me. I'm genuinely enthusiastic about most things that come my way.

Habon Burale

Describe yourself in a Tweet

Creative, strong work ethic and passionate...

Olivia Johnston

What emoji best describes you?

The emoji that best describes my personality is the grinning emoji with the star eyes. I'm a generally positive and cheerful person but I also think I have the capacity to find joy and excitement around me wherever I can. I like to see the best in people and situations, and I think it makes my life much more fun.

Elliot Makin

Describe yourself in a Tweet

I am a calm, tenacious highly driven individual with an appetite to obtain success at the highest possible level. I thrive in a team environment but relish in individual challenges that require high levels of initiative.

Thomas Wintle

What emoji best describes you?

Possibly the handshake emoji. I believe that I have great communication skills and the main trait I pride myself on is finding common ground with people and moving forward. I can speak to anyone with clarity, fairness and honesty. 

Michael Golding

Describe yourself in a Tweet

A hard-working Mixed Martial Artist with a love for everything related to world cultures and history, whose efforts in the gym translate into every facet of their life.

Chloe Mark

What emoji best describes you?

I can relate to a lot of emoji's. However, the female running emoji best describes me. I am super motivated and love to get up and seize the day. I live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, love exercising and playing football in my spare time! That's when I'm not out with friends or working. I like to attract positive vibes and surround myself with others who are also motivated. I am really energetic, whether that's on a night out, on the football pitch or at work. I love to meet new people and engage in conversation with all walks of life. I like working in fast-paced environments and am a great team player. I am always up for a challenge and embrace change.

Freya Elliott

Describe yourself in a Tweet

A creative perfectionist that less able minds would call OCD.

Holly Quinn

What emoji best describes you?

Hand holding the pen.

I think this emoji can symbolise a lot. For me, it symbolises both my creativity and my naturally studious nature. I always tried my best in school and in my spare time I write both for fun and for the website "Indie is not a genre". I also enjoy playing music, again, reflecting my creativity.

Although Cohort R1’s sessions will mainly take place on Zoom, hopefully, we can invite them to Manchester when restrictions have been lifted for a few practical sessions in the Tangerine studio. We wish them all the best with their apprenticeships over the next 15 months!


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