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What does a wax worm, bison and train have in common?

Answer: Sam Bentley. That’s what!

You may be scratching your head thinking, eh? So, let me explain. Like me, Sam Bentley has recently joined the Juice Academy by recruiting his very first apprentice, me!

Despite his young age, Sam has many strings to his bow. After leaving Uni, he created and built one of the biggest social media platforms, UniLad, but his shift has now changed. He now creates content for various social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and even LinkedIn. He mainly focuses on his passion: sustainable and regenerative living, conscious travel and raising environmental awareness. He creates and then delivers engaging and inspiring materials, through his weekly ‘Good News’ videos and newsletters. He really is a chink of light in what can be a dark and dreary world.

Sam works with some huge organisations such as Google and Microsoft by creating video adverts and aims to promote their ideas and creations. For example, he recently tried out the Microsoft HoloLens 2 in the National History Museum in Paris. This brand-new invention brings extinct animals back to life. You can see dodo’s playing in front of you, and a giant sea cow swim above your head. This incredible event not only takes your breath away but is a gentle reminder that we have so many beautiful animals on our planet that need our help to ensure that they don’t end up only being seen this way. His TikTok video for this has over 2 million views.

Me, I’m only two months in and finding my feet in the world of apprenticeships and so far, so good! It’s completely different to my college days (that only finished 4 months ago) but in a good way. More independence, new skills, new software and learning from a master of the trade. How valuable is that? For me, it’s also about using my technological mind such as creating videos using the software Premiere Pro and creating newsletters using the website Mailchimp, but also learning to incorporate (which is completely new to me) vital marketing skills and knowledge to enforce and embellish business and brand interests.

Juice are a fantastic support with this and although the majority of my classes are virtual (I’m a Brum, don’t you know Bab), I without a doubt feel part of a fantastic cohort, where I feel supported and valued. I know my journey over the next fourteen months will be nothing but productive, and then some!

I’ve a lot of to be thankful for: Sam didn’t waiver when we discussed my Asperger’s - he embraced it. Juice (and Apprentify) have placed me on the very first rung of the Creative Content Producer ladder and I couldn’t be more ‘content’ if I tried.

Juice, Sam, Cohort 37…. Let’s go!

Joseph Barton, Cohort 37, Content Creator apprentice at Sam Bentley


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